Driving Directions to Off the Wall Books N Cafe! (with video)

Driving Directions to Off the Wall Books N Cafe! (with video)

Good afternoon! It's been a busy year so far, which is great. We really appreciate everyone's support <3 

We've had some feedback that it can be tricky to turn into our parking lot the first time. So Megan drove while Betsy made a video of our approach to the store from two different directions! Please join us on this journey!

Click here to watch the video.

Note: My apologies for the lack of subtitles, I just today learned how to add subtitles to TikTok videos and will be adding those in the future! It's definitely been a learning process.

To make up for that lack, here is a summary of the video: 

First we came from the direction of Asheville, on I-26, where we turned right off exit 53, drove on Upward Road past East Henderson High School, turned right from the far right lane onto Spartanburg Highway (25), and then took an immediate right turn into our parking lot. 

Next we approached our parking lot coming South on Spartanburg Highway from downtown Hendersonville. We passed the Friends of the Library Bookstore on our left, and before the light at Upward Rd, we turned left into a dedicated turn lane specifically for the road on the other side of our building. From that road, we took a sharp right turn into our parking lot. 

Here's another link to the TikTok video! We hope you find it very helpful and that you're able to stop by and see us sometime soon :-)


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