Meet Betsy & Megan

Meet Megan

Megan is retired military, mom of two, and a forever reader.

Her dream of opening a bookstore began when Megan was a young teen. She enjoyed getting lost in other worlds and wished to share that experience with others.

Megan has held many jobs in the past – from birth doula, notary, medical assistant, lease signing, to para legal – but she has always wanted to own her own bookstore.

She loves diving into everything from thrillers to fantasy. Books have always given her a world to explore, to learn something new, or escape and enjoy a new adventure.


Meet Betsy

Betsy is currently the unschooling mother of four children.

Betsy began life very hyperlexically – learning to read books just before the age of 2! Books have always been a safe haven and owning a bookstore has been a lifelong dream.

In previous years, Betsy has had many different occupations including music instructor, writer, history teacher, childbirth doula, and apprentice midwife.

Non-fiction books — particularly books about history, corruption, pregnancy/birth, parenting, neurodivergence, and psychoactive substances — are some of Betsy’s favorites.