Hyperlexic Dreams and Bookstore Schemes: Betsy's Book is Out!

Hyperlexic Dreams and Bookstore Schemes: Betsy's Book is Out!

“From the healing power of classical narratives to the escapist necessity of fantasy stories—and from the nostalgic connection of a parent reading to his child to the intrinsic activism of bookstore ownership—Betsy Alger maps out the magic of reading in this delightfully experimental collection.”
~Ariel Gore


Betsy here! I'm so excited to present my first officially published book! I've been published as a part of small collections previously and I have many unfinished novels on my computer, but this is something I actually FINISHED!!! 

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to own a bookstore, ever since I discovered the magic of books as a tiny toddler. As a child I spent countless hours in used bookstores and the Bainbridge Island Public Library (in Washington State). I have read more books in my life than I could ever possibly remember reading. 

I was diagnosed with autism at age 33 and books have always been a sort of lifeline for me. People were always too confusing and unpredictable, but books were friendly and consistent. I was able to find comfort and understanding between their pages when I was a child. As I got older, I discovered that the right books were also perfect for learning new and interesting things! 

As an Autistic business owner and lifelong bibliophile, I hope that everyone can find either a bit of relatability or a bit of new and previously unknown perspectives in my stories.

Thank you everyone for your time, support, and encouragement <3 




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